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WH Insiders Blasts Trump For Being Too Afraid To Fire Kelly: ‘He Doesn’t Have The Balls’

It has been reported that Donald Trump wants to fire his Chief of Staff John Kelly. According to White House insiders, those claims are true but Trump is too afraid to do it because he thinks it’ll spark more chaos in the White House.

According to five Republicans who spoke with Vanity Fair’s Gabriel Sherman, Trump has back out of firing Kelly despite the constant pressure from his daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner.

The report states that Trump’s reason to not fire Kelly is due to a belief that the White House can’t handle another staffing blow-up after the recent Rob Porter scandal.

One Trump friend noted, “The president doesn’t have the balls to fire Kelly.”

“He was too impulsive to get Kelly. He bought into Kelly’s resume, and not his personality,” said one friend.

According to the report, Trump has been wanting to give the position of Chief of Staff to his own son-in-law, despite Kushner not have the full security clearance.

“If Trump fired Kelly now, it would appear that the decision was made in part to benefit Kushner,” the report stated.

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