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Trump Figures Out He’s Going Down, WH Insider Reveals

White House aides are scrambling as they prepare for a possible impeachment of Donald Trump as more revelations in special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation surface. Many of Trump’s allies feel as if the president is not prepared for what’s next.

According to CNN, a close source to Trump admitted that the president is concerned that impeachment could be a “real possibility” while other aides believe that only the campaign finance violations have any real chance of sticking.

White House officials claimed that Mueller won’t find enough evidence in terms of a potential collusion with Russia to convict Trump of a crime, but they believe that the special counsel has enough evidence to prove Trump committed campaign finance violations, according to the report.

Democrats, who will have control of the House come January, are not only looking to impeach Trump based on the alleged campaign finance violations and the Trump-Russia scandal but also indicting him after he leaves office if he is defeated in 2020.

CNN also reported that Trump knows that he is in a deep hole:

Trump has become increasingly concerned in recent weeks about what his administration is facing come January, when newly empowered Democrats are expected to unleash the full force of their oversight powers on the Trump administration.

Those include compelling Cabinet secretaries to testify, requesting the President’s tax returns and scrutinizing some of his most controversial policy decisions. Trump often complained that Kelly, a retired four-star Marine general, was not politically shrewd enough for the task.

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