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WH Insider Revealed Trump Constantly Mocks ‘Dumb’ Hannity For Sucking Up To Him: ‘He’s Not Even Trying’

One of Donald Trump’s biggest fan is Fox News host Sean Hannity, who uses his hour on television to praise the president for everything he does and spreads false propaganda about his opponents. But, it appears Trump is tired of Hannity constantly sucking up to him.

According to White House sources who spoke with The Daily Beast, Trump has grown so tired of Hannity’s constant praising that he started to mock the Fox News host for asking softball questions.

“It’s like he’s not even trying,” Trump has said, one source told the Daily Beast, before Trump did a nasty impersonation of Hannity’s gestures and voice.

He’s also called Hannity’s line of inquiry “dumb.”

The Beast reported: “The president’s recurring complaints often focus on how sycophantic the TV host can be, both on and off camera, with Hannity’s slobbering leaving no friction to generate the sparks and drama that Trump craves.”

Hannity even went as far as to going to a Trump rally to praise the president on stage, a move that the network called an “unfortunate distraction.”

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