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WH Insiders Just Threw Trump Under The Bus, Admit The Real Reason Alex Acosta Left

A new report revealed on Friday that Donald Trump did not care that Alex Acosta had given a “sweetheart” plea deal to child rapist Jeffrey Epstein. That wasn’t the reason Acosta ultimately decided to resign.

According to Politico, White House insiders admitted on Friday that Trump actually praised Acosta for attempting to clear his name but did not like that the now-former Labor Secretary was giving him bad press.

While Trump told reporters outside the White House on Friday morning that he thought Acosta was doing a great job heading up the Labor Department — White House insiders say Trump thought Acosta didn’t make for good TV and it reflected poorly on himself.

“Acosta has had a rocky relationship in recent months with other White House officials, including acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, over the perceived slow pace of deregulation at the department,” Politico reports. “And one person familiar with the situation said that although Trump initially thought Acosta handled the Epstein controversy well, over the last couple of days the president saw the negative press and didn’t like it.”

“POTUS is not a fan of bad press, especially when other people make him look bad,” the source admitted.

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