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WH Official Goes On Crazy Tirade Attacking ‘Dangerous’ Jim Acosta While Defending Sarah Sanders: Watch

A day after CNN’s Jim Acosta confronted White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders over the administration calling the media the “enemy of the people, White House strategic communications adviser Mercedes Schlapp tried to defend Sanders by claiming that Acosta was “dangerous.”

“What this morning is the talk inside the White House after that moment in the White House press briefing yesterday, a contentious moment between Sarah Sanders and Jim Acosta of CNN,” asked Fox News host Sandra Smith. “He pressed her to say the press is not the enemy of the people and ended up walking out of the briefing.”

“You know, fake news is dangerous,” Schlapp replied. “We know for a fact that many of these so-called news reporters, okay, that go out there have a complete disdain for President Trump.”

“It is no wonder we’ve seen that 90% of the media coverage for President Trump has been negative. What American people want to see is fair, objective coverage. Quite frankly you’ve had reporters who cried the day that President Trump won and they show their bias.”

“I think it’s very troubling,” Schlapp continued. “For that being said the president has to defend himself. The president and those of us in the administration who have been blamed and have been called names by journalists. We really want to be able to be able to talk about the president’s winning message.”

“It is very hard when you have reporters who prefer to see themselves on camera all the time and many of the liberal media who have complete disdain for this president and refuse to acknowledge any of the positive work he is doing.”

Take a look at the video footage below:

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