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WH Official Just Threw Stephen Miller Under The Bus: He Just Wants To Throw ‘People Out Of The Country’


White House senior adviser Stephen Miller has one thing only in mind, he is “singularly focused on how to get people out of the country,” according to a senior Trump administration official.

According to the Washington Post, Miller has been focused on making America as white as possible and has been responsible for many of the Trump administration’s harsh immigration policies.

Former and current administration officials told the Post he’s been fixated on ramping up deportations and has developed a penchant for micromanaging agencies — blindsiding cabinet leaders who found their staffers leaving the West Wing and discovering they met with Miller without their knowledge.

Miller convened meetings on Fridays, according to the Post, where he would “alternately scream [at], demand or encourage” lower-level employees within the Department of Homeland Security.

“He’s always micromanaging everything we do, or trying to, without really knowing or appreciating the operational challenges,” one Department of Homeland Security official told the Post.

“Stephen’s argument, in a nutshell, is that you can go through the whole process, dot every i, cross every t, get thousands of comments, come up with the regulation — and we’ll still get sued and an activist judge will enjoin it,” another official told the Post.

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