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WH Spokesman Lashes Out At The Media For Not Being Positively Biased Towards Trump: Watch

White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley spoke with Fox News’ Howard Kurtz on Sunday where he lashed out at White House reporters, claiming the same thing everyone in the Trump administration does: they are “fake news.”

One subject that was brought up during the interview was the reports of Donald Trump lashing out at a meeting with Democratic leaders on infrastructure. Kurtz asked about how Trump administration officials had to vouch for the president that he didn’t throw a tantrum.

“Was it awkward for all of the advisers to have to vouch for the boss?” Kurtz asked Gidley.

“Absolutely not,” Gidley replied. “Especially if you’re in the face of 92 percent negative news coverage against you. We have to vouch for him all the time. It’s amazing how the media covers what he does, what he says in a slant that makes everything negative, no matter how positive the subject matter may be.”

“When he leaves the meeting with Nancy Pelosi and all they do is mischaracterize his demeanor and take whatever she says, lock, stock and barrel,” Gidley added. “It would be so nice if we had a complicit, compliant media the way the Democrats do, and we don’t.”

“How is that fake and corrupt press?” Kurtz then asked Gidley.

“Because of the language they used and they say things like, ‘he was enraged’ or ‘he stormed out.’ Those are editorialized words,” Gidley claimed.

Take a look at the interview in the video clip below:

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