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WH Tells Reporters Trump Is In Meetings All Day. Now Watch What He Was Actually Doing


WH Tells Reporters Trump Is In Meetings All Day. Now Watch What He Was Actually Doing

When it comes to the art of lying, no one can match the Trump administration. I mean, these guys don’t discriminate. Whether the lie is big or small, stupid or smart, easy or hard, Trump and his team will go to all lengths to prevent telling the truth, even when telling a lie is far more damaging than what they are trying to cover up.

On Saturday, following the epic defeat of Trumpcare, Trump’s team informed White House press that the president would be in meetings all day, and that they shouldn’t expect to see him or know the contents of those meetings anytime soon.

But just minutes later, excited supporters of Trump posted photos online of Trump golfing, wearing his usual golfing garb. Another photo shows Trump riding in a golf cart, while another still showed him ascending a staircase at one of his many golf spots.


The deception was so clearly deliberate, that when Trump left the White House that morning, he was wearing a suit and tie. Hours later? he was spotted in Khaki pants, a white polo, and golf cleats.

Why did Donald Trump feel the need to lie about his leisure activity? Likely because he has been far more “leisurely” than “presidential. After spending most of his time on twitter criticizing Obama for golfing and going on vacation, Trump has spent more time on the golf course than in the Oval Office.

Let’s face it. In the grand scheme of things, the president golfing isn’t a big deal. But the lying? The blatant way that his administration covers for him and expects that everything will turn out alright – basically treating the American people like imbeciles – is very disturbing.

Mr. Trump, if you’re going to be a lazy, do-nothing, at least don’t be a liar as well. Grow up!

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