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‘What a Disgrace’: Trump Gets Slammed After Being Caught Promoting ‘Trump Merchandise’ On Black Friday

People are blasting President Donald Trump for using his position as president to promote his products on social media.

Trump on Friday took to Facebook to encourage his supporters to take part in the “30 percent off sale” for merchandise including his “Make America Great Again” hats and dog leashes.

“Use the code GIVING for 30% off OFFICIAL Trump Gear,” the post said.

The president appears to be taking advantage of the holiday season to promote Trump merchandise. The campaign website released a Christmas edition “Make America Great Again” caps earlier this week. The signature red hats now feature Christmas lights with the back of the hat adorned with “Merry Christmas.” The price of the hats now cost $45 almost double the price of the original red caps.

The campaign site is also offering a “Make America Great Again” collectible hat ornament.

“Made of brass and finished in 24 karat gold, this ornament is sure to make any tree stand out,” the description reads.

“All merchandise purchased on Black Friday is guaranteed to be delivered before the holidays, so be sure to get your stocking stuffers and gifts for family and friends before supplies run out,” the release read.

Some were not too pleased with the president using social media to promote his brand. Vicente Fox, former president of Mexico and longtime Trump critic, called out the president on Twitter.

“I thought you were going to focus on aiding the American people, not profit from them,” he posted.

Others wondered whether the president of the United States was even allowed to promote the sale of his own campaign gear.

“Is this even possible?????,” Linda Straub commented on his post. “A sitting President promoting his merchandise on the web on Black Friday???? Beyond an embarrassment, and highly unethical. What a disgrace.”

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