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What Donald Trump Just Did Is So Reckless, It ‘Risks Millions Dying’, Lawmaker Warns

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What Donald Trump Just Did Is So Reckless, It ‘Risks Millions Dying’, Lawmaker Warns

In his quest to make the Russia investigation disappear, Donald Trump has ramped up his reckless actions. Not satisfied with the effect of his failed missile strike on Syria, Trump is now risking “millions” of lives by deploying an aircraft carrier strike group near the Korean peninsula, a congressman has warned.

The US Navy has sent the 100,000-ton USS Carl Vinson, along with its support ships, to the western Pacific as a show of force amid fears over North Korea’s nuclear weapons and missile programs, several news outlets reported Monday.

In response, Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.), who is a colonel in the US Air Force reserves, said on Twitter: “Note to @POTUS: Unlike Syria, N. Korea has nukes & can rain down artillery on S. Korea. You mess up and millions can die on Korean Peninsula.

“In the last 48 hours, @realDonaldTrump significantly increased the risk of harm to US troops in Syria and South Korea.

“#TheScaryThingIs what happens if N. Korea does another missile test after this “show of force” by US? Does @realDonaldTrump strike N. Korea?”


After Trump bombed Syrian military targets earlier this week North Korea said the strike “proves our decision to strengthen our military power to stand against force with force was the right choice a million times over”.

In March, Rex Tillerson, US Secretary of State, said military action against North Korea was an “option on the table”.

Tillerson said during a visit to South Korea he would bring an end to the policy of “strategic diplomacy”. Instead, the US will consider a range of military options, alongside economic measures.

North Korea responded by declaring it was ready for war with the US.

“If the businessmen-turned-US-officials thought that they would frighten us, they would soon recognize that their method would not work,” North Korea’s foreign ministry said. “We have the will and nuclear capability to fully respond to any war which the US wants.”

Rep. Lieu’s warning is echoed Chris Ogden, who lectures on Asian security at The University of Andrews in Scotland.

“Trump risks unleashing a maelstrom,” Ogden warns.

“Before President Trump, the tone was much more diplomatic… there was never any kind of provocation of ‘we’ll do anything.’

“Trump is risking a nuclear war,” he said. “If Pyongyang reacts to Trump’s provocation by attacking South Korea, the U.S. will be forced to react on their behalf.”

“If he didn’t fulfill those obligations America would be very weak… he would have to do it and then it’s just a maelstrom after that really.”

He added: “Trump maybe sees North Korea as some kind of insignificant power that he can deal with quickly, but I think that’s really dangerous.”

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