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‘What The Hell, Pete!’ Fight Breaks Out At Fox News After Host Defends Trump’s Racism: Watch

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera slammed his colleague on Friday after Pete Hegseth tried to claim that Donald Trump’s racist attacks against four Democratic Congresswomen weren’t racist.

While discussing Trump’s racist tweets, Hegseth argued that Trump wasn’t being racist because he never specifically mentioned anyone’s race when he told four American citizens to “go back to where you came from.”

“He’s talking about whether you love this country and appreciate it,” Hegseth said. “And if you don’t appreciate it, don’t love it, don’t want to work to make it better, you could consider going somewhere else.”

“What the hell!” Rivera interrupted in anger. “Come on, Pete! This is their country, they’re citizens of the United States!”

Hegseth then tried to claim that if people don’t agree with Trump then they should leave the country.

“You can’t say that to me!” he said. “I’ve gotten into ten street fights based on that, saying to me, because I’m Puerto Rican, go back… Once you make citizenship conditional on your political loyalties, you’re on a very dangerous path here.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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