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US Under Tyranny: What Trump Just Did Will Set America Back 70 Years


US Under Tyranny: What Trump Just Did Will Set America Back 70 Years

Riding a wave of unprecedented confusion created by his chaotic first week in office, President Donald Trump is taking the United States back to the nightmares of the world before the Second World War, taking measures that defined Nazi Germany in the 1940s: Authoritarian, closed borders, limited trade, and a go-it-alone national race to the bottom.

Just this morning, White House sources revealed that the president has directed officials of the State Department, Customs and Border Patrol, Department of Homeland Security to ask foreign visitors to disclose all websites and social media sites they visit, and to share the contacts in their cell phones, according to CNN. If the foreign visitor declines to share such information, he or she could be denied entry, the network reported.

With this move, Trump is launching a direct attack on the liberal international order that really made America great after the depths of the Great Depression.

President Donald Trump signs Executive Order. Image: Imgur

President Donald Trump signs Executive Order. Image: Imgur

Combined with Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Transpacific Partnership trade negotiations, build a “huge” wall on the southern border, and impose high tariffs on imports, the United States is left with a foreign policy that cuts it off from the relationships that fueled its growth for 70 years.

Trump’s executive orders are making the United States an international pariah, which raises the costs for every element of its security and economy. Self-absorbed islands never prosper, and they usually decline fast.

Aided by his senior counselor Steve Bannon, a self-described white supremacist, and Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions, Trump has spent his first week in office assembling a coherent and well-planned framework for regressive foreign policy that is hiding in plain sight—frequently missed in the storm of tweets and the attacks on domestic enemies.

By signing a series of militaristic executive orders at the Pentagon, Trump is sending a clear message that his definition of the national interest is purely focused on short-term chest-thumping and job hoarding, even as his actions will destroy more jobs in the near and long term. He shows no interest in nurturing a sustainable global economy, a livable planet, or the spread of democracy.

Read as a whole and in detail, with attention to their larger single-minded purpose, Trump’s executive orders are the blueprints for the most significant shift in American foreign policy in history.

The executive orders reveal his deep antagonism to all of these things, and the basic wisdom of American history. His actions are all about appealing to his less-than-majority base of supporters within the United States. He is intent on showing that he is boss, with “tremendous” support. The nation be damned.

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