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What’s Going On Here?.. Chaffetz Just Said He Won’t Even Finish His Remaining Term

Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), the House Oversight Committee Chairman made a stunning announcement on Wednesday stating that he will no be running for reelection. But in the latest shocker, it seems like he might not even finish his remaining term.

Chaffetz spoke with KSL News Radio’s Doug Wright and told him that he might not finish his full term until 2018.

“I will continue to weigh the options, but I might depart early,” Chaffetz told the Utah radio host on Thursday.

Chaffetz made the decision on Wednesday to keep his name off the ballot in 2018, saying that he wanted to spend more time with his family in Utah and return to the private sector.

The announcement came as a shocker to many people in Washington. If Chaffetz would have chosen to stay in Congress he could have served as Oversight chairman through 2020 under the House GOP’s rules that limit members to three terms atop committees.

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