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While Trying To Defend Trump, GOP Lawmaker Live-Streams His Own Federal Crime

On Wednesday, a gang of House Republicans raided a Congressional closed-door hearing, storming into a classified area and some used their cell phones to live-stream their stunt from inside a secure room at the Capitol where Democrats were interviewing a witness as part of the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump’s Ukrain scandal.

One of those lawmakers was Rep. Alex Mooney (R-W.Va.), who shared audio of a phone call he made from inside the classified area at the Capitol, which, according to legal experts, is a federal crime.

The hearing was delayed for hours as the group of conservative Republican lawmakers, including Mooney, stormed inside what’s known as a SCIF — an acronym for sensitive compartmented information facility. Such rooms are used when secure, nationally sensitive information is to be shared or discussed.

During his call from the SCIF, the West Virginia lawmaker said he and other Republicans stormed the closed-door hearing because House Democrats “refuse to have a hearing in a transparent way for the people of West Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District can be aware of what’s going on.”

“I represent over 600,000 people in West Virginia who are not given a right to know what’s even being said in these hearings. It is a brazenly attempt for no reason to impeach the president of the United States,” he continued. “I’m proud that over 30 members of Congress, including our whip, Steve Scalise, walked into that room and demanded transparency and justice for our president.”

The call drew fierce criticism from people who felt the representative was acting in violation of the rules governing the SCIF, which prohibit the use of cellphones.

Listen to Mooney’s phone call and read some of the responses below:

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