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While You Were Distracted By Trump, Republicans Advanced These Horrifying Bills

paul ryan and mitch mconnell


While You Were Distracted By Trump, Republicans Advanced These Horrifying Bills

Behind the fog of distraction generated by Donald Trump’s antics, the miraculous political progress America has achieved over the past 300 years is under siege by the GOP. In just a matter of weeks, the GOP allies have done so much damage. But they are just getting started.

With the American people distracted, House and Senate Republicans have put forth a series of radical bills that, if passed, would decimate America from within.

Let’s go down the list of the bills in question and see why exactly they’re so dangerous. If any one of these bills passes, America will be radically changed for the worse, and millions of American people will suffer accordingly.

H.R. 610: This outrageous legislation seeks to shift funding in America from public schools toward vouchers for private schools. If H.R. 610 is enacted, then public schools will be all but destroyed all across the nation.

H.R. 861:
This bill aimed at abolishing the Environmental Protection Agency. If it succeeds, then corporations will have free range to pollute the nation’s rivers and forests into oblivion.

H.R. 899: This legislation is designed to destroy the Department of Education once and for all. This move would also contribute to the utter collapse of public schools in America and would turn private schools into conservative propaganda boot camps.

H.J.R. 69:
A clear attack on the environment, this bill rolls back environmental restrictions that prevent hunters from reckless over-killing of animal populations. With this bill on the books, many of America’s animals will be ravaged toward extinction.

H.R. 83: This legislation proves that there’s no more room for tolerance in Trump’s America, as it would strip away all federal funding for Sanctuary Cities that openly refuse to deport undocumented immigrants under Trump’s xenophobic immigration policies.

So while Trump is distracting the media and the public, the GOP have been advancing their TOXIC agenda behind the scenes, and the results could be catastrophic. If these bills succeed, America, as we know it, will be OVER.

Awareness is key, so share this post to let everyone knows what’s going on.

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