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Whistleblower’s Attorney Just Lashed Out At Jim Jordan: ‘I AM TIRED OF YOU LYING!’


Andrew Bakaj, the attorney representing the whistleblower who raised concerns about the infamous July 25 phone call between Donald Trump and Ukraine, lashed out at Republican Rep. Jim Jordan for lying to the American public during the impeachment hearings.

Bakaj sent out an all-caps tweet accusing Jordan of being a liar.

“Congressman @Jim_Jordan – I AM TIRED OF YOU LYING IN A HOUSE COMMITTEE ROOM IN FRONT OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. My client hired ME – no one else in leading up to filing the disclosure with the ICIG. I have made that clear TIME AND TIME AGAIN – and you ignore the FACTS!”

Bakaj wasn’t the only attorney to lash out at Jordan. A second attorney representing the whistleblower, Mark Zaid, added: “Certain Members of Congress continue to lie abt my role in this case & deliberately distort facts to deflect from addressing #WBer complaint.”

“They didn’t treat me this way when I worked w/them re #Benghazi #WBers. #Shameful,” he continued, adding “#FactsMatter.”

Jordan tried to undermine Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman during Tuesday’s hearing, only to be shut down immediately after.

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