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White House Braces For Impact As John Bolton Could Soon Appear Before House Investigators

The White House is reportedly bracing for impact as one of the loudest voices emerging from House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry into President Trump’s alleged abuse of power has come from a man who has yet to utter a word publicly about the probe, but who is regarded as the most dangerous for the Trump presidency: former national security adviser John Bolton.

Testifying witnesses have placed Bolton at the center of some of the most explosive scenes related to questions of abuse of power by the president and officials he tasked with a shadow foreign policy in Ukraine, described by one witness as an “irregular channel.”

In witness testimony, Bolton is presented as a key figure countering the efforts of those accused of pressuring a foreign government to influence the 2020 U.S. presidential election on behalf of Trump.

Bolton’s lawyers are in talks with impeachment investigators about testifying behind closed doors and he could soon appear before House investigators, according to The Hill.

And while Bolton is one of almost two dozen potential witnesses on investigators’ wish list, his testimony could prove to be the most damaging for the president.

“He’s not a friendly guy, but he does know right from wrong,” one former colleague said of Bolton. “He’s been around the national security scene for a long time. He knows what’s appropriate and what isn’t.”

Bolton has so far made known he’s no personal friend of the president. Shortly after leaving the White House, Bolton was described as disparaging the president at a private event in New York. Attendees recalled Bolton did not have “anything positive to say about Trump,” and offered a swift rebuke of Trump’s policy on Iran, North Korea and Afghanistan.

Former National Security Council (NSC) Director for European Affairs Fiona Hill testified that Bolton had called Giuliani a “hand grenade” and was going to “blow everything up.”

According to testimony, Bolton likened Trump and Giuliani’s Ukraine scheme to a “drug deal.”

Bolton is regarded as extremely disciplined in his work ethic, having an almost photographic memory and encyclopedic knowledge of world affairs. Should he testify, he’s likely to provide detailed and even colorful testimony.

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