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The White House Posted a Video From 2007 To Prove The Raid In Yemen Was Successful


The White House Posted a Video From 2007 To Prove The Raid In Yemen Was Successful

On Friday, the White House released via the Pentagon a training video that it said it had obtained during the recent terror raid in Yemen, only to remove it a few hours later after being called out by reporters and told that the video had already surfaced almost ten years ago, according to BuzzFeed News.

The military took it down a few hours later after realizing the mistake, saying “it had not been properly vetted.”

The “Lessons in How to Destroy the Cross” video was widely circulated on Friday as a way to demonstrate the valuable evidence the troops obtained during the raid, which was approved by Trump and resulted in the deaths of one American soldier and ten Yemeni women and children, including an 8-year-old American girl.

According to CNN, the military took the link offline a few hours after posting it, and a spokesperson acknowledged that they had not properly analyzed the footage before releasing it.

“We didn’t want to make it appear that we were trying to pass off old video,” Colonel John J. Thomas, a spokesman for the US Central Command in the Middle East, told the network.

The Pentagon had a briefing scheduled for 2 PM today to provide more details about the military action because the Trump administration believed that there was some false reporting on the subject. However, after making this error, the briefing was canceled.

Somehow this is not surprising. With Steve Bannon in charge, the Trump White House is using Breitbart’s strategy by releasing false information to the public.

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