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Watch: White Man Launches N-Word Tirade At Crowd Waiting For Train, Gets Brutal Knockout Out In Response

A racist white man in Chicago got more than he bargained for after hurling racial insults at the wrong black man on a Chicago train.

The incident was caught on video on the platform of the Clark/Lake station on the city’s Blue Line CTA commuter train, the white man is seen hurling abuse at the other passenger.

Eyewitnesses said the white man in a pink tank top repeatedly used the N-word as he berated the black man, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

The black man then begins to take his button-down shirt off.

“My God! Y’all playing, man,” he says by way of warning.

He then removed his glasses and pursues the white man, who he punches, knocking him to the ground with his head over the edge of the platform above the tracks.

The first man then appears to walk away but someone comes up to the white man, punching him and knocking him down onto the train tracks.

“Call another motherf*cker a n*gga,” someone yells. “What the f*ck is wrong with you?”

The white man is then helped to safety.

No one has filed a report about the incident and neither man has been identified.

Watch the video below.

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