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White Man Walks Free After Ramming Car Into Group Of Black Pedestrians: ‘Won’t Spend A Day In Jail’



White Man Walks Free After Ramming Car Into Group Of Black Pedestrians: ‘Won’t Spend A Day In Jail’

A new report revealed on Thursday that 83-year-old George Jensen will finally face criminal charges after crashing his car into a bus stop where he injured five pedestrians, all of which were African American. The only problem is that Jensen will likely not face any jail time.

Atlanta Black Star reported on Thursday that Local activists called on authorities to charge Jensen with attempted murder and expressed frustration that he was released from jail after the incident, but Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said that his office “did not have the facts to charge something other than criminal vehicular operation,” of which Jensen was charged with five counts.

Freeman claims that there isn’t sufficient evidence to put Jensen in jail. But witnesses of the crash said it was a “deliberate attack by a racist” who targeted the mostly black people who were waiting for the bus that day.

Local activist Spike Moss blasted Freeman.

“This is just disrespect, blatant disrespect for African-American human beings, that’s what this is. No compassion, no concern,” Moss said, according to the Atlanta Black Star.

From the Atlanta Black Star:

Jenson later told police that he’d accidentally hit the gas instead of the brakes, but couldn’t explain his reason for hitting the brake or why he veered onto the sidewalk. Additionally, the prosecutor’s office wrote that the Minnesota man acknowledged frequenting the area and that he “talks to one woman in particular, sometimes giving her money just to help her out.”

“I don’t know what he was engaged in … and it’s not my business to speculate,” Freeman told reporters. “And, frankly, it’s irrelevant to what happened in this case.”

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