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White Woman Randomly Hurls Racist Abuse At Black Men Walking Past, Immediately Gets Fired

A video has emerged online showing the moment a woman interrupts her phone conversation and begins shouting racial slurs at two black men outside a Kansas City sports bar.

The unidentified woman was outside smoking a cigarette and talking on the phone when she started hurling racist abuse at the men walking past, and one of them recorded the encounter on his own phone, reported The Kansas City Star.

“So yesterday me and my homie Sam were out taking photos in the power and light district via KCMO when we overheard this lady say ‘these f*cking n*ggers’ when we walked by,” wrote one of the men, Drake Lewis, on Twitter. “I told her not to say that and then I started recording.”

Lewis and his friend laughed at the woman for using the slurs, and she continued her confrontation with the men.

“It is what it is,” the woman says. “I’m a white f*cking cracker, you a caramel n*gger.”

Video of the encounter was widely shared on social media, and Lewis said he was mystified by the incident.

“It was really random,” Lewis told the newspaper. “Me and my friend were just out taking photos and we were walking down the street talking about different stuff and we overheard the lady.”

Lewis said his friend, who is Samoan-American, confronted the woman and called her a “hick,” “cracker” and an “ugly b*tch” because he was tired of hearing racist abuse.

“He was outraged,” Lewis said.

A Facebook user claiming to be the woman’s employer confirmed to the Star that the woman had been fired, but asked to remain anonymous and declined to name the former employee.

Watch the video below:

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