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You Will Be Livid When You Learn What Trump Asked The Military For Inauguration Day


You Will Be Livid When You Learn What Trump Asked The Military For Inauguration Day

Donald Trump’s authoritarian tendency came into evidence after he requested a “North Korea-style parade for his inauguration, including heavy military equipment and 20-warplane flyover.

The military “may come marching down Pennsylvania Avenue,” Trump told The Washington Post in an interview published Wednesday. “That military may be flying over New York City and Washington, D.C., for parades. I mean, we’re going to be showing our military.”

According to several sources involved in his inaugural preparations, Trump has endeavored to ensure that his first day as commander-in-chief is marked by an unusual display of heavy military equipment, according to The Huffington Post.

During the preparation for Friday’s transfer-of-power, a member of Trump’s transition team floated the idea of including tanks and missile launchers in the inaugural parade, a source involved in inaugural planning told The HuffPost.


“They were legit thinking Red Square/North Korea-style parade,” the source said, referring to massive military parades in Moscow and Pyongyang, typically seen as an aggressive display of muscle-flexing.


North Korean military parades through Pyongyang. Image: Imgur

Thankfully, The pentagon shot down the request, the source said. Their reason was twofold. Some were concerned about the optics of having tanks and missile launchers rolling down Pennsylvania Avenue. But they also worried that the tanks, which often weigh over 100,000 pounds, would destroy the roads.

Traditionally, the military plays a big role in inaugurations — but not by display of heavy weaponry. The armed forces usually contributes “musical units, color guards, salute batteries and honor cordons.” Eight-hundred-and-twenty service members were authorized to help coordinate the inaugural events and 5,000 service members will participate on the day of the ceremonies, according to the report.

There you have it, folks. Trump is looking more dangerous by the minute.

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