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Will You Be Okay Under TrumpCare? NOPE! GOP Senator Spills The Truth: Sick People Are Screwed Under New Healthcare Act

In an interview with MSNBC’s Kate Snow, Republican Rep. Bill Flores was asked what would happen if someone got sick while on the Republican Obamacare replacement plan.

He responded by saying:

“Well, what we hope to do is give you an option where you could buy the enhanced plan. Now, you would have to pay a surcharge for that because you got in after the pregnancy occurred, so we’d like to do that. The other thing we could offer is that maybe depending on the income level maybe they could get on to the expanded Medicaid coverage during the first couple of years of this, after that they can’t, so there could be some options that we could use.”

Snow then went on to question the Congressman again, asking him what would happen if somebody got cancer and didn’t have the right plan.

Flores said:

“What we don’t want to do is have a wild wild west when it comes to coverage, so we’re going to turn this back to the states, and the states are going to come up with different options for people. I mean this is more age related than in terms of saying I’m going to buy a policy that doesn’t have cancer coverage. I’m going to buy a policy that doesn’t cover tonsillectomies things like that. What we would like to see the states do is say ok, here’s your plan that does this is you are in the 50-60 age band for instance, or if you are in the 40-50 age band, you can buy a certain kind of coverage.”

To sum things up, according to Flores, sickness depends on age, and if you don’t have the right plan you’re basically screwed. You won’t be able to go on Medicaid, because after the first two years, Medicaid is going to be cut. The only option for a person who gets sick is to spend a ton of extra money to have the right coverage.

TrumpCare will end up costing you a lot more than the healthcare you have now, and it wont give you the coverage that you need.

If you are a woman and you experience an unexpected pregnancy, you’re out of luck unless you have a big pile of money to buy the care you and your baby will need. If you get sick, you’re also out of luck, because Trumpcare isn’t going to expand to cover you.

Just like anything with the name Trump in it, it’s a huge scam to take your money.

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