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William Barr Goes Completely Off The Deep End In Attempt To Protect Trump After Mueller’s Remarks

Following Robert Mueller’s first public remarks about his investigation into Donald Trump’s ties to the Russia interference in the 2016 elections, Attorney General Bill Barr decided to throw the now-former Special Counsel and long-time friend under the bus in a stunning ugly way.

Mueller, in a surprise news conference on Wednesday morning, talked to the American people for just nine minutes, permanently changing the trajectory of the Republican Party’s gaslighting. And he did so merely by reading aloud portions of his 448-page report on the Russia investigation that has been public for weeks.

On Thursday, in an interview that had been pre-arranged, and advertised barely minutes before Mueller’s news conference began, Bill Barr threw his longtime friend and co-worker under the bus.

“Mueller should have reached a conclusion,” Barr told CBS News, regardless of DOJ policy making it – as Mueller told the nation – literally “unconstitutional” to indict and therefore to even state that the President of the United States may have committed crimes.

Barr also claimed that he and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein “felt it was necessary” to make a decision for Mueller – rather than telling Mueller that if he did not go further they would co-opt his two years of work and turn it into a gaslighting project to protect President Trump, which they then did.

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