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Woman On Bike Flips Off Trump After Chasing Down Motorcade Exiting Golf Club

A Virginia woman on a bicycle on Saturday raced up alongside President Donald Trump’s motorcade and gave the chief executive the middle finger as the President departed his golf club in Sterling, VA.

Reporter Steve Herman from Voice of America tweeted a photo of the woman by Agence France Presse photographer Brendan Smialowski:

The woman was apparently not happy to see Trump spent another Saturday playing golf at his resort in Virginia on the back of taxpayers.


The cyclist did not chase the motorcade as we previously reported. In a message sent to Political Dig, the courageous woman stated: “They passed me as I was riding, got stopped at a light and then I passed them again before turning along my way.”

We apologize for the mistake. Either way, we salute this American hero. You rock!

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