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‘Worthless’ Nunes Ripped With Negative Yelp Reviews By His Constituents: ‘He Needs To Go!’


‘Worthless’ Nunes Ripped With Negative Yelp Reviews By His Constituents: ‘He Needs To Go!’

Rep. Devin Nunes’ (R-CA) popularity among his constituents appears to be going in a downward spiral that will eventually crash.

The congressman has been getting a mountain of negative reviews on both Yelp and Google Review.

On Google, Nunes’ Congressional office has nearly 3 stars, where on Yelp he has only 2 stars.

While his pages are stacked with people outside of his district complimenting and attacking him, Nunes does have a few reviews from his neck of the woods that aren’t promising.

Jane G. from Clovis, California called Nunes a “worthless representative.” In her 2019 Yelp review, she noted that Nunes “hasn’t held a public forum since 2010. Hasn’t passed one piece of legislation benefiting our area. 2020 he needs to go for good! PS the cow is cool.”

Nunes has been a very private congressman in the sense that he won’t even allow the public to his events.

Nunes recently participated in an invite-only forum on water. It wasn’t open to the public and even the Fresno Bee newspaper was barred from the event.

Mike S. similarly had problems when communicating with his congressman.

“After more than 100 emails in 12 years to Nunes I have received about eight replies,” he said on Yelp. One of the key ways to rate an official’s constituent services is how they’re willing to respond when constituents send complaints.

“A corporate errand boy all the way, Nunes will feed the contractors producing WWII weapons, yet cut Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security,” wrote Mike S. “If he gets his way, I will sell my house to pay my medical bills and live on the street. As a former business owner, I support the free market and free trade and especially small businesses. However, Nunes has gone too far with his support of the wealthiest who cannot control their need for more of everything.”

Bruce T. from Visalia similarly was sick of Nunes for prioritizing corporations over people in the district. He called Nunes a “corporate lackey.” He also alleged, without evidence, that Nunes doesn’t really live in the district and only supports GOP causes.

You can read the Yelp Reviews HERE.

You can read the Google Reviews HERE.

Feel free to leave your comments on either one of the review pages.

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