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Wow! Letterman Just Went On A Rampage About Trump And Didn’t Hold Back

David Letterman, former “Late Show” host, has been one of Donald Trump’s biggest critics. In an interview with GQ he said he felt “sick” knowing Trump represents our country.

“I’m disappointed that this man is representing me and my country. It makes me sick,” Letterman said in during the interview.

The former host said he had no regrets of having Trump on his show in the past.

“No, no reason to regret it…. But we always looked forward to having him on. He was a great guest. He was just a big, wealthy dope who’d come on and we would make fun of his hair. I would refer to him as a slumlord,” Letterman continued.

Letterman went on to say that Trump has proven that he is a man “without a soul.”

“But now, this goon… I don’t know. He’s demonstrated himself to be a man without a core, a man without a soul. Is there a guy in there?” Letterman asked.

“How do you know if Donald Trump is lying? His lips are moving,” Letterman said at the time. “If we get a president sometime soon who does not have a mental disorder, Twitter will be useful,” Letterman added.

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