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Writer Compiles 71 Tweets Quoting Every Time Someone Talked About Trump As If He Were A Toddler

Many people have questioned Donald Trump’s state of mind. Is he a three-year-old? Well, thanks to Washington Post contributor Daniel Drezner we can see that many of Trump’s own people seem to treat him as if he were a toddler.

Over the past few months Drezner compiled many statements from the Trump administration that showed his staff treat him like a child.

Drezner, who contributes to the paper’s PostEverything section, posted 71 tweets in total that showed how Trump’s own staff think of him as a toddler.

“It started, as all 2017 stories about American politics start, with a garden-variety snarky tweet,” Drezner wrote about his original tweet:

Below are some of his best tweets:

You can take a look at all 71 tweets on Drezner’s page here.

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