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WTF!? This Has Got To Be The Worst Excuse Ever Made For Donald Trump


WTF!? This Has Got To Be The Worst Excuse Ever Made For Donald Trump

CNN commentator and Trump surrogate Jeffrey Lord came up with his excuse as to why Donald Trump accused former President Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower prior to the election.

During an appearance on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” Lord was the only one on an eight-person panel to deny that Trump lied when he claimed that Obama did the wiretapping.

His excuse: Trump was speaking “Americanese”

“He says, you know, ‘We speak Americanese out here, and we know what he meant,'” Lord said. “What he meant was the FBI was — or somebody else was — surveilling him. That’s what he thinks.”

In shock, Cooper questioned Lord on what he meant by it.

“What you’re arguing then is the FBI and the Justice Department are mistaken for taking the president literally, because they don’t speak ‘Americanese,'” Cooper said.

Lord’s argument ignited fury among the show’s panelists, who pressed the surrogate to say that Trump is frequently caught in lies.

“We’ve seen it again and again,” David Gergen, a former White House aide, said. “When we have a president who is a congenital liar, it really matters.”

Cooper went on to ask Lord if he thinks the president is a congenital liar and if he thought the president lied repeatedly.

To both questions he answered with a simple “no.”

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