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‘You Get To Stupidland By Getting On The Trump Train’: Ex-RNC Chair Slams Anti-McCain Republicans For Siding With Trump

Former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele lashed out at Republican politicians who have defended Donald Trump’s attack on Sen. John McCain after his passing.

Appearing in a panel discussion on MSNBC, Steele said that GOP politicians who side with Trump are on a one-way trip to “Stupidland.”

During the panel discussion on, host Hallie Jackson pointed out that Arizona Senate candidates Kelli Ward and Joe Arpaio had both spoken ill of McCain while praising Trump.

“The inclination [is] to just dismiss Ward and Arpaio because they are just out in Stupidland,” Steele explained.

“How do you get to Stupidland?” Jackson then asked.

“You get to Stupidland by getting on the Trump Train,” Steele replied. “It takes you directly there, baby, non-stop. It’s not even a coach fair. It’s first class all the way.”

“And they’re on that train,” he added. “You cannot dismiss them in a primary. You cannot walk past that — that reality — because we don’t know how that vote is breaking down.”

Take a look at the panel discussion in the video clip below:

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