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You Won’t Believe What Trump Is Doing This Weekend. Let’s Just Say It Involves A Polo Shirt And Some Khakis

Donald Trump, the man that criticized President Obama for golfing too much, will be making his 12th visit to a gold course since he took office just two months ago.

Trump traveled on Saturday to Trump International Golf Club in Virginia for meetings. It is uncertain who he’s meeting up with there.

But, as noted by NBC News, this will be Trump’s 12th visit to a golf course since he became president. This also marks the 8th weekend in a row that Trump makes a visit to one of his properties.


All these trips and all this money is being wasted and Trump could care less. No wonder nothing is getting done in the White House, the man spends most of his time using our taxpayer money to make weekly visits to his properties, which more than likely attracts more people while he’s there. This means more money in the Trump pocket and less money in ours.

Trump and the Republicans have had their worst week since he became president. I guess there’s no better way to relieve stress after a giant loss than to play a couple rounds of golf.

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