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‘You’re Going To Get The Living Crap Bombed Out Of You’: Sean Hannity Goes On Crazy Attack Against Iran

Fox News host Sean Hannity, one of Donald Trump’s biggest fangirls, went on a vicious rant against Iran on his show this week and warned them that the president will be bombing them unless the Gulf country takes advantage of a “small window” for peace.

Hannity said that if the “mullahs are smart enough,” then they will take a rapidly fading option to de-escalate the situation with the U.S. after Iran shot down an unmanned U.S. surveillance drone Thursday.

Hannity went on to tout the military and the weaponry the U.S. possesses.

“We have the greatest military, thank God, on the face of the earth,” he continued. “We have the most advanced weapons systems, and a strong message needs to be sent that a huge price will be paid if you take on the United States of America. Simple peace through strength — it works.”

“The world is watching,” Hannity warned. “China tonight is watching. Russia tonight is watching. What happens in Iran will have ramifications all over the world. The North Koreans are watching.”

The Fox News host pointed out that “Iran’s armed forces cannot match the might of our military.”

“Now the mullahs must see the writing on the wall . . . If they do not end this hostility, if they do not stop, the mullahs of Iran will feel pain, I predict, like never before.”

Later in the show, Hannity declared, “If you shoot an American missile or a drone out of the air and you attack tankers in the Strait of Hormuz, you’re going to get the living crap bombed out of you.”

Take a look at the Trump supporter’s rant in the video clip below:

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