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‘You’re Guilty, Donald’: Seth Meyers Hilariously Mocks Trump’s Guilty Behavior


‘You’re Guilty, Donald’: Seth Meyers Hilariously Mocks Trump’s Guilty Behavior

On Monday night, Seth Meyers mocked President Donald Trump’s visit to Japan over the weekend and used Trump’s own words to expose his “guilty behavior.”

Meyers said during his show that Trump’s trip got off to a “rough start” when he flew to Hawaii, where former President Obama was born.

“Trump’s motorcade was greeted with protesters lining the streets, reminding him of his past as a birther, with signs like this one that said: ‘Aloha POTUS, welcome to Kenya,'” Meyers said.

“There’s a good chance he saw that sign and thought he was actually in Kenya.”

Meyers then mocked the matching hats Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe presented to President Trump he landed in Japan.

When Trump landed in Japan on Sunday, Abe gave him a hat that said, in gold writing: “Donald & Shinzo, Make Alliance Even Greater.”

“Abe is a smart man. He figured out the only way to communicate effectively with Donald Trump is via hat,” Meyers said.

Meyers then put on a white hate with similar gold writing that said: “Resign Donald.”

Trump’s trip, which began Friday with a briefing from the U.S. Pacific Command in Hawaii, comes as tensions on the Korean Peninsula are rising.

He landed in Japan on Sunday, and is expected to visit China, Vietnam, Japan, the Philippines and South Korea as part of the trip.

Watch the video below:

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