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‘You’re Not Welcome In The UK’: British Media Issues Major Rebuke Of ‘Demagogue’ Trump Ahead Of State Visit

In a column written by its editorial board on Sunday, the Guardian newspaper said President Trump “is not welcome” in the U.K. ahead of his first official state visit.

The editorial board wrote that Trump is a “demagogue who represents a threat to peace, democracy and the climate of our planet.”

“Trump is only the third US president ever to be honoured with a state visit, the others being George W Bush and Barack Obama,” the editorial board wrote. “Inviting him in the first place was a crass error. Following through in the midst of the UK’s current political crisis is an act of gross irresponsibility.”

Trump’s three-day visit this week is expected to draw protests in the U.K. that will require additional security.

Trump is expected to visit Buckingham Palace during his stay and will commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

The Guardian editorial board wrote Trump and his family’s visit as honored guests of the Queen “risks legitimising his destructive policies, his cronyism and his leanings towards autocracy.”

“The more serious threat to the host nation is that Mr Trump’s presence and public statements will boost anti-democratic and rightwing populist elements here,” the board wrote.

The editorial board also called on Prime Minister Theresa May to object to some of Trump’s recent actions.

“It is incumbent upon Mrs May and others to challenge him directly – or risk appearing to give the assault on women’s rights, and bullying of neighbouring states, a seal of approval,” it wrote.

The editorial board’s column comes just a day after London Mayor Sadiq Khan wrote an op-ed arguing that the U.K. is on the “wrong side of history” for hosting Trump.

You can read the entire editorial piece here.

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