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‘You’re On Timeout Mister!’ Spicer Might Have Just Lost His Public Speaking Role

According to reports published this week by The New York Times and Politico, White House press secretary Sean Spicer could lose his privileges of his daily press briefing duties.

According to Politico Donald Trump is looking to “scale back” Spicer’s “public role.”

While the Times reported that Trump is looking at Sarah Huckabee Sanders as Spicer’s replacement at the podium.

Spicer hasn’t had the be tenure, and according to Trump the only reason he’s keeping Spicer is because he gets “good ratings.”

Trump cannot afford to let anyone in his administration slip up, especially with the string of Russia-related bombshell news stories over the past week.

According to Politico, Trump has shifted the blame for the recent outbreaks of Russia-related news on his communications team for not doing a better job with messaging.

But, even if Spicer loses his role as a public speaker he will still likely keep a senior role in the administration, according to Politico.

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